ADVANCE On-line Nutrition Course

Welcome to the ADVANCE On-line Nutrition Course

This course was developed by ADVANCE in conjunction with WALTHAM, "The World's Leading Authority on Petcare & Nutrition". This is an interactive course designed for those people who want to learn more about small animal nutrition. It allows you to learn at your own pace and at a time that suits you.

Course Structure

The on-line Learning Centre is made up of a 2 courses. Both courses are made up of a series of short on-line tutorials, which take about an hour to complete

The Nutrition Course includes 4 modules covering basic animal nutrition. It is suitable for breeders, vet nurses, pet store retailers, animal trainers or any pet owner who simply wants to learn more about feeding their dog or cat.

The Advanced Nutrition Course includes 1 module covering clinical nutrition. For this reason it is recommended only for those people within the veterinary profession.

Most of the 5 modules consist of over 20 topics. There is a PDF containing all topic information at the beginning of each module, you can download and print this to read at your leisure. At the end of each module, we provide an on-line interactive test that gives you immediate feedback on your progress. Use these tests to check how well you understand and remember the course material. You will need to complete these tests before moving onto the next modules

The Nutrition Course must be completed before moving onto the Advanced Nutrition Course.

You must achieve a pass mark of 85% in order to move to the next module.

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We hope you enjoy your on-line learning experience!