ADVANCE On-line Nutrition Course

Frequently Asked Questions


1) How many modules are there?

The on-line Learning Centre is made up of a 2 courses covering 80 topics. Both courses are made up of a series of short on-line tutorials, which take about an hour to complete

Course 1 includes 4 modules covering basic animal nutrition. It is suitable for breeders, vet nurses, pet store retailers, animal trainers or any pet owner who simply wants to learn more about feeding their dog or cat.

Course 2 includes 1 module covering clinical nutrition. For this reason it is recommended only for those people within the veterinary profession or Breeders. However you are more than welcome to complete this certificate as well.

Most of the 5 modules consist of over 20 topics. There is a PDF containing all topic information at the beginning of each module, you can download, take notes and print this to read at your leisure. At the end of each module, we provide an on-line interactive test that gives you immediate feedback on your progress. Use these tests to check how well you understand and remember the course material. You will need to complete these tests before moving onto the next modules

2) Why can’t I start the Advanced Nutrition Course

You must first achieve a pass mark of 85% or above in modules 1-4 from the Nutrition Course in order to progress to the Advanced Nutrition Course.

3) Can I leave the test half way through and come back later to complete?

No you must complete the whole test and submit your answers within the 1 hour timeframe. If you leave the test page your answers and time will be reset and you will need to start again.

4)  Do I receive a certificate of completion?

A download link will be provided for you after you have successfully completed all the modules in Course 1, and also when you have successfully completed course 2. 

Please note ~ Course certificates and name badges will no longer be mailed out.

5)  What happens if my timer runs out?

If the 1 hour timer runs out completely your test will be automatically submitted and marked.

6) How can I see my progress?

You can view you progress through the modules via the home page after login.

7) I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

Please use the reset password function to have a new password sent to your registered email address.. If you do not receive your password, please check you spam/junk mail folder on your email client prior to contacting us.

You may change your password to something more familiar via the Account/Change Password function after login.

8) What if I just completed the old ADVANCE Nutrition course?

Your course credits are still valid, however the new course has new content relevant to the market place, latest claims and industry news. We would recommend you do the new course.